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For centuries, shutters have been prized as fine window furniture and a testament to a homeowner’s discerning style and sophistication. Shutters not only provide design, privacy, and light control options, they can also enhance the value of a home.


Like any home investment, only shutters of exceptional quality will provide long-term value and increase appreciation.  

Plantation Shutters


At Norman they believe the best shutter is the result of meticulous management of each step in its creation.

Every step: research and development, product design, raw materials sourcing, handcrafting, quality control, and even packaging are carried out with one goal, to bring you matchless quality, durability, and long-term value in your Norman investment.        


Norman showcases a full line of premium custom shutters ranging from wood composite, advanced polymer, to environmentally friendly wood shutters and prestigious solid wood shutters. They offer the most exquisite qualities that are clearly above the industry standards, designed to enhance your overall shutter ownership experience.


No matter what size, shape and color, we have you covered.

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